Welcome Yulia Tkachuk, FNP-BC
Yulia, who joined the practice in the fall of 2014, has a diverse background in health promotion, disease prevention, and acute and chronic care management.

Seasonal Influenza (Flu)
Protect yourself and your family against seasonal flu by taking precautions like washing your hands and staying away from sick people.

Medicare Well Visit
When you have Medicare Part B, Medicare provides you with an Annual Wellness Visit with your provider at no cost to you!

Listening and Caring for Healthcare Needs of All Ages

We bring to your family the services of Family Healthcare providers. Here, we offer pediatric, geriatric, and adult health care. We also offer services for family illnesses, minor surgery, and well care.


Our providers are certified to provide quality healthcare to you and your family. They have a wide variety of experience which allows them to provide you a unique care experience. We look forward to partnering in your health care.


Your health is important to us! As a family healthcare facility, we offer a unique whole-person approach to healthcare. It's more than just getting better; it's about prevention and offering ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.